Estate Planning


Estate Planning

An Estate Plan is the process of putting an individual’s or couple’s personal and financial affairs in order to protect, manage, and dispose of real and personal property during their lifetime and after their death; structure businesses to better achieve these goals; plan for personal and health care decision-making in the event of a person’s incapacity; and minimizing the impact of taxes.

A primary objective of an estate plan is to arrange for the administration and transfer of the individual’s property to others without excessive effort, expense, or taxation. This objective may be satisfied in various ways depending on the client’s particular situation. A revocable trust can assist in minimizing court supervision, delay, and publicity that probate proceedings often entail. Other types of lifetime and testamentary gifting options, outright or in trust, may be used to minimize property, income, and estate taxes. Different types of entities may be created to allow for the succession of a client’s business or investments with minimal adverse tax consequences and expenses. Various devices can be used to structure the transfer of assets to take advantage of gift, estate, and generation-skipping transfer tax deductions, credits, and exemptions.

Our office can assist in preparing a comprehensive estate plan to include trusts (irrevocable, revocable, and special needs); wills and codicils; advanced health care directives; and powers of attorney.  We also offer services to help with trust administration, probate matters, and trust litigation.

Our estate planning attorneys possess sensitivity, insight, and the ability to elicit information and inspire confidence. Unlike some other areas of law, estate planning requires the client to divulge personal and confidential information they may not have shared with family members, friends, or other professionals. Inspiring client confidence and respect ensures a sound and thorough estate plan and a successful attorney-client relationship. Our attorneys are focused on meeting each client’s individual wishes and needs, giving sound advice to help make tough decisions, and we strive to provide our clients with the peace of mind that comes with knowing their family and loved ones will be taken care of commensurate with our client’s specific goals.

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