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“Daryl helped me set up my first corporation and provided clear explanations for all of my questions, which helped me feel confident and well informed.”
Robin Stephani, Associate AIA + LEED
8th Wave

“I had a passion and a dream but had no idea how to turn that dream into reality. Daryl walked us through the grueling process of starting a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. It was so impactful for me because I’m just a teacher mom who wanted to make our community a kinder and more supportive place for people with disabilities and their families. Because of Daryl and his expertise, we are one year in and have a thriving nonprofit. I am forever grateful for his help and knowledge!”
Larkin O’Leary, President, Common Ground Society

“Daryl has always been solutions-oriented and a pleasure to work with…”
Brett Bradford, Partner, Pisenti & Brinker LLP

“I have known Daryl for over 10 years in his role as attorney and executive director of a nonprofit prior to his legal work. What I most appreciate about working with Daryl are his high values and standards. He is kind in his demeanor and offers sound advice and guidance. When I consider recommending him to one of Leap Solutions clients, I know I can do so with great confidence that Daryl will care for them as we do–openness, honesty, trustful, and full integrity. If you want someone with these characteristics to guide you through a complex issue, Daryl will do so with grace, humility, and focus. I highly recommend Daryl be your legal source for nonprofit law.”
Scott Ormerod, Partner, Leap Solutions Group, Inc.

“Daryl has been a tremendous value to our organization helping us navigate multiple contract situations and acquisition matters. He was able to talk us through all the considerations and structured the agreements so that we were adequately protected and above board. We quite honestly would not have been able to do a lot of what we’ve accomplished without Daryl’s expert guidance.”
Carl Thomas, CEO/Executive Director, Live Free Ministries

“My business was a legal mess. My disorganized LLC and failed nonprofit left me vulnerable to attack. Daryl Reese gave me the education and guidance I needed to clean everything up and protect myself. I hope I never have to face a legal battle. But if I do, I can relax knowing that all my bases are covered.”
Drew Boa, Founder, Husband Material LLC

“We needed to form a nonprofit organization for the Camino de Sonoma, a hiking pilgrimage experience on the trails connecting the missions in the City of Sonoma and Fort Ross on the coast. Forming a nonprofit is not a simple thing and it’s critical to do it right to get our tax-exempt status and not violate IRS regulations. Daryl not only got our comprehensive organizing documents filed and our tax-exempt status approved quickly, but he facilitated our first board meeting and spent time explaining the important governance and operational practices that we had to follow and why. I can’t speak highly enough about our great experience having Daryl as our attorney!”
Robert T. Lipps, Attorney & CPA
Founder & Managing Director
The Global Center for Nonprofit Excellence

“Pets Lifeline has benefited from consultation with Daryl Reese on a variety of issues, calling upon his expertise in nonprofit law. Mr. Reese schedules meetings promptly, listens to the presenting issues, asks probing questions and offers clear and actionable advice. Most recently,
in 2021, Pets Lifeline requested a complete update of the organization’s bylaws and critical policy statements. The outcome of this work ensures compliance with current applicable laws and regulations. Throughout the process Mr. Reese was accessible, answered questions with clear explanations and demonstrated the highest level of professionalism as well as respect for Pets Lifeline, its mission and values.”

Nancy King, President/CEO, Pets Lifeline
Sandy Drew, Chair, PLL Governance Committee

“Sonoma Family Meal began in the midst of the 2017 wildfires, offering chef-made meals to anyone in need of nourishment. Though we knew how to make food, becoming a 501(c)(3) — especially in the midst of a disaster — was way out of our comfort zone. Daryl shepherded our tiny project through every legal hoop, helped us set up our corporation, made sure we were legally protected and was a much-needed shoulder to lean on in this confusing time. We were able to focus on helping others because Daryl helped us. We can never thank him enough for his ongoing support and insight as SFM has grown through the years into a major emergency food provider in Sonoma County.”
Heather Irwin, Founder, Sonoma Family Meal

“I found Daryl to be a tremendous help after the passing of my business partner, leading me through the challenges of the multiple business transitions and the insurance entanglements. We also took the opportunity to update ourselves on necessary corporate procedures – something many business owners neglect but something that Daryl is very passionate about. I find that Daryl is very professional, responsive, and knowledgeable and am glad to have him as a trusted resource when needs arise.”
Kevin Farrell, President/Architect, Farrell – Faber & Associates, Inc.

“We have worked with Daryl numbers of times. Once he unraveled problems with a nonprofit whose roots extended back a half-century with multiple agencies in two countries. The IRS wanted to disallow the nonprofit, and Daryl resolved it all with the IRS and CA Franchise Tax Board.
He set up a local nonprofit for us that now houses 90 people a night. He continues to meet with us on compliance issues and has advised us on best practices for financial and operational procedures.
He is currently helping us with a for-profit name change and resultant filings with the Secretary of State.
I can recommend him to you.”

Janver Holly, President, Holly Construction Inc.

“Our nonprofit biomedical research institute has been fortunate enough to have the expert assistance of Daryl Reese on multiple issues over the past several years. His personal experience in nonprofit management as well as his legal training and experience make him uniquely qualified to provide advice on a wide range of subjects affecting nonprofit organizations. For example, when we needed to address housing options for visiting and resident scholars and scientists, he conducted extensive research and provided practical advice on mechanisms and appropriate tax treatment. When we learned of a bequest in a donor’s will that had not been honored by heirs of the deceased, he devised an appropriate course of action to make the best of the situation. When we needed to ensure correct treatment of funds to satisfy donor intent, he provided the best possible guidance. In these and numerous other areas of law and regulations he has been insightful, prompt and diligent, always making us feel that our legal affairs are in the most capable possible hands.”
John Brabyn PhD, Executive Director, Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, San Francisco

“I have had the privilege to work with Daryl when starting two non-profits. His professional, timely and detailed work was foundational for establishing our organizations. He also set things up in a way that helped us consider our on-going needs, potential growth and gave us the flexibility needed to position our organization to do great work on behalf of others. With his background in non-profit work, it is clear that Daryl is not only a very capable lawyer but a very compassionate member of our community. I could not recommend him more highly.”
Adam Peacocke, President, FeatherVine and Camino de Sonoma

“Daryl’s solutions have been crucial for the success of our organization. His professionalism paired with his customer service has caused him to exceed all expectations and stand out amongst other firms. He helped us form and receive the 501C3 status for Restored 2 More Inc and partner with other companies, ensuring we have the proper agreements and structural foundation for long-term success. His continual follow-up has made all the difference as we move forward, and his counsel has been invaluable.”
Clinton Munoz, CEO, Restored 2 More Inc.

Nonprofit Law

Do nonprofit organizations really need attorneys? Should they be using their charitable dollars paying for legal services when instead they could be spending those funds on more services? Does the board of directors really need legal help to understand their roles, responsibilities, and risks?
The answer to all of the questions above is a resounding Yes!

Business Law

We have represented businesses and nonprofit organizations before the IRS, the California Franchise Tax Board, the California Attorney General’s Office’s Registry of Charitable Trusts, the Secretary of State, and in Family Court, Probate Court, and Civil Court.

Estate Planning

As a law firm, we value personal integrity, honesty, quality work, service, and education, and we find great delight in helping our clients achieve their goals. Our legal support team have advanced legal degrees and have been doing attorney-level legal work for decades.

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